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SUIR - Studio Session


W10.06 Silver vinyl, alternative artwork & download code
Limited 2nd edition of 200 copies
Releases August 6, 2021 (vinyl)

W10.06 Black vinyl & download code (SOLD OUT)
Limited 1st edition of 200 copies

W10.06 Glass vinyl & download code (SOLD OUT)
Limited 1st edition of 100 copies
Releases April 1, 2021 (digital/vinyl)

Shipped out within 21 days

Also available as digital download only

1. Intro
2. Calamity
3. Warsaw
4. White Spheres
5. Gewalt
6. Den Of Thieves
7. Not Accustomed To Be Hurt (alternative version)

Recorded live August 18th 2020 at TooSoon Studios in Cologne
Audio mixed by Lucia Seiss
Mastered for by Denis Wanic
Artwork created by Oliver Klobes
Inlay photograph by Caroline Bonarde

In a constant interplay of guitars and synthesizers, supported by minimalistic and electronic drum rhythms and melancholic lyrics, SUIR produces a reverberated psychedelic post-punk defined by a dense, lynchesque sound. Especially their live shows are known for their cinematic, atmospheric music defined by complex sound walls and the hypnotic visualisation - like waking up from a dark and intense dream.

Being locked down in their apartment/studio in Cologne during the Covid-19 crisis, not able to play live shows, they re-recorded a selection of tracks from their previous albums in a live rendition to capture the raw intense feeling of their live shows which they are dearly missing right now. The session also includes the previously unreleased track “Not Accustomed To Be Hurt”

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